archinform - architecture related database with thousends of entries for architects, buildings and places

nai.nl - netherlands institut of architecture | Rotterdam

organische-architectuur.org - History of organic architecture from Sullivan to Saarinen


gmp - Hamburg based office specialised in transportation buildings and other large scale projects

Behnisch - Guenther Behnisch, well known German office ( Olympia stadium Munich)

Santiago Calatrava - combines the knowledge of a structural engineer with the eye of an architect

Renzo Piano - workshop with broad experience in culture related projects

Norman Foster - allways steel and glass but never the same

Massimiliano Fuksas - Italy

Christian de Portzamparc - Paris | France

Mario Botta - ticino based architect well known for his strict geometrical design

mvrdv - winy maas | jacob van rijs | nathalie de vries

unstudio - ben van berkel & caroline bos

west8 - Rotterdam based practice for landscape architecture and urban design solutions

middle east

archnet.net - list of buildings, mainly islamic architecture

Aga Khan Foundation - foundation to promote a new architecture for the muslim world

Bernard Khoury - Beiruts, if not the middle easts most controversial architect

Ammar Khammash - Jordan based architect specialised in sustainable and community friendly design

Bilal Hammad - Amman | Jordan

Arolat architects - Istanbul | Turkey


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central and latin america

Alberto Kalach - Mexico City | Mexico

TEN arquitectos - Mexico City | Mexico


Richard Meier - if you see an entirely white building its most likely this architects work

SOM - Skidmore Owings and Merrill, architects and engineers

HOK - Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, another 'high rise office'

EDAW - 'global player' in landscape architecture und townplanning