Reuse of an old 'Junkers' engine test complex [Strassbourg | France]

An international music workshop in the remaining structures of an old 'Junkers' building from WW ll.
At a place where some 60 years ago the engines for the deadly German 'StuKa' where finaly tested before going to war, now musicians and audiences from all over Europe and the world come together to enjoy music.

The former testchambers are now reused as studios, concerthalls, a café and a discotheque. Furthermore there are spaces available to hold workshops or jams.

Since the whole structure is under protection, the irreversible changes are as minor as possible. One of the biggest changes is probably the fact that the building now stands on a completly open place which is cleaned from all the usual clutter, typical in this kind of industrial neighbourhoods. The whole site becomes part of the public space and can be used for open air events.

The new center of the building is a multilevel bar and lounge space, which allows visitors and musicians to come together regardless of their musical preferences.

in collaberation with Nils Jansen  |  Download the presentation as PDF [ 3.6 mb ]