Cologne - Deutz :   The "schäl Sick" discovers the Rhine

Among the people of Cologne the eastern bank of the river Rhine is called the "schäl Sick", the bad side.
Deutz, just over the river from the old city with its mighty cathedral underwent a deep change in the past few decades. From an area of industrial sites and harbours to a lively quarter where people live and work. With the trade fair and the `Köln Arena`,Germanys largest Indoor Hall, it is host to many of Colognes visitors.

To make it easier for the people of Deutz and tourists to find their way from central Deutz to the river, we propose to make the `Deutzer Freiheit`an attractive pedestrian street, open only to public transport. Connecting a new city square in front of the `Köln Arena` with the Rhine-promenade.
This promenade should be further developed and extended southwards, just untill the `Deutzer Hafen`. At the area of the former wharf an artificial dune-landscape with highly densified housing blocks could form Deutz`face at the river.

But also at the Rhine itself is need for development. With a public waterboat line connecting important points on both banks, and more events taking place right at the water, the river could become a lively part of the city.

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