Republic of Korea  |  New Multi-functional Administrative City

To decrease the ongoing centralisation in The Republic of (South) Korea on the capital Seoul several measures will be undertaken. One of these measures will be to move most government ministries and administrations to a new city about 120 km south of Seoul.

For this new city we propose a center in the shape of an urban ribbon, running along the River Geum, sometimes crossing the river or ...
This urban ribbon will contain all main functions of the city such as the central business district together with a riverside boulevard, at the eastern tip research and higher education facilities and a trade fair or congress center in the west.
The ribbon is divided by the rivers natural bends and a central park in the remnants of an old fortress. Close to this park lies also the nightlife and entertainment district with its narrow streets and small houses reminding of an old city. The administration finally finds its place together with some core cultural buildings on the artificial island just opposite the central boulevard.

The citys future residents will mainly live in the large housing areas in the north reaching just untill the surrounding mountains or in the southern ones close to the river and the city center.

in collaberation wirth Christina Flury, Stephanie Witulski and LEHEN drei architects