Rottweil  |  making cities dense

The "Nägelesgraben" area, bordering the historical center of Rottweil, a medieval town in southwest Germany, is currently a wide urban wasteland, charcaterized by deserted industrial buildings and endless parking lots. Just a few steps from the lively towncenter you are all of a sudden in the dullness of "suburbia". The construction of a new shoppingcenter with several thousend sqm could make this situation even worse. An architecture, reacting on the small scale sourroundings would help avoiding further damage to the urban space.

With our three proposals for a future planning in the "Nägelesgraben" area we try to give answers to this problem and to strengthen the green character of the area. At the same time we see a necessity to develop more urban living space, close to the center rather than outside the existing city and therefore do not spare the area from a careful densification.

The necessary public spaces should be more clear and designed for the needs of residents and tourists. E.g. we propose a new public square at the northeastern entrance to the historical city. Build on a car park instead of being one the place becomes attractive for pedestrians and the now rised position allows views over the existing street into the scenic Neckar valley.

in collaberation wirth Waltraud Bergmann Gessner  |  Plans as PDF [3.9 mb]