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curriculum vitae Felix Joerg Mueller

Computerskills | Software | Networking


Structural design

Timber construction

Stell construction

Solid construction | concrete and masonry

project 1 | student dormitory

Architectural design

Mountain lodge | meditation

Exhibition space at the Weissenhof Housing| Weissenhof Siedlung


Housing | Community

Student dormitory

Junkers engine test building at Strassburg | International musikworkshop

Graphic design + photography

Graphic design

webdesign | homepage design

Urban design

Rorschach | reusing the Alcan factory

Rorschach | Trainstation

Köln Deutz | Cologne Deutz - The 'schäl Sick' discovers the Rhine

Rottweil | creating dense cities

Republic of Korea | New Multifunctional Administartive City | MACC

Landscape architecture

6 Courtyards | 6 senses

Digital Media | Architectural Visualisisation

Metro station | Barakaldo, Bilbao

Architectural vizualisation 1 | 2 | 3

Kitchen modelled in MAYA

Bocatta Sandwich shop

chair | couch

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3dimensional  [MAYA, Sketchup, 3D studio, Cinema 4D]